Saturday, September 18, 2004

Promise and potential

Eco-radicals spread propaganda and mis-information in their attempts to halt the advance of crucial modern technologies we need to:
  1. Grow enough nutritious food to feed the world's growing population and prevent diseases caused by malnutrition (such as blindness from lack of vitamin A).
  2. Manufacture inexpensive and effective chemicals to prevent the decimation of crops by insects and disease, and control vectors such as misquitoes that spread endemic diseases (such as DDT to prevent malaria in Africa).
  3. Provide reliable, inexpensive power to alleviate the poverty, environmental devastation and diseases caused by the use of "bio-fuels" (such as wood and animal dung) throughout the Third World.

The Heartland Institute has a good summary of the potential and promise for both the developing world and modern industrial nations in Biotechnology Promises Industrial Benefits.

Paul Driessen, author of "Eco-Imperialism -- Green Power. Black Death.," in a statement before the House Subcommittee on Energy and Natural Resources on the subject of science, Eco-Imperialism and public policy on February 4, 2004, details the "prevalent environmental myths and misguided policies [that] help perpetuate poverty, misery, disease and early death in developing countries." I will post excerpts from this statement in future blogs.

Finally, here is an excellent interview from Front Page Magazine with Paul Driessen about his book, "Eco-Imperialism": Green Power. Black Death.

Paul Driessen is a courageous crusader against the dangerous junk science, propaganda and political rhetoric that threaten to condemn millions to horrible suffering and death.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

What's a BioNuclear Bunny?

Rabbits have symbolized life in many different cultures for centuries. The message of the BioNuclear BunnyTM is one of life for the poor and hopeless of humanity.

The Bunny is BioNuclear to remind us of the incredible potential of modern technology to transform the lives of the most desperately hungry, sick and needy of the world -- the very technologies demonized by eco-radicals: biotechnology, fossil fuel and nuclear power generators, pesticides and inexpensive, biotech manufactured pharmaceuticals.

Rabbits are friendly, cuddly and safe. In contrast to the apocalyptic rhetoric of radical environmentalists, the BioNuclear BunnyTM represents the safety of these powerful but much-maligned technologies.

The goal of the BioNuclear BunnyTM is to spread the word about the amazing potential of these miraculous technologies, the potential to transform the lives of the most desperate of humanity -- if we only have the courage to confront the myths and misinformation of those who oppose them...