Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Global Warming not responsible for Katrina

Record year for hurricanes part of a natural cycle

Natural climate conditions, not global warming, created the record-breaking 2005 tropical storm season, the nation's top hurricane experts said Tuesday.

...“It's not related” to global warming, Bell said. The same conditions occurred in the 1950s and 1960s, the last period of above-normal hurricane activity. Many records set in 2005, including most hurricanes in a season — 13 — surpassed marks set then.

More Modern Witch Hunts

Not all scientists believe that global warming is occurring

Roger Pocklington, Tim Ball and Chris de Freitas are sometimes called heretics by the global warming faithful. They prefer skeptics or critics.

Whatever the label, these Canadian climate experts believe carbon dioxide isn't the towering devil of global warming, that the evidence for any abnormal warming isn't convincing and that the projections of computer climate models can't be trusted.

For holding such unorthodox views, they've been publicly dismissed by other climate scientists as ill-informed or misguided. That's when those others deign to engage in debate. In private, hints are dropped about supposed links between the heretics and fossil fuel interests.

...The research showed conclusively that temperatures had not been going up at coastal weather stations around the top part of the North Atlantic, a region where computer models initially projected that average temperatures would rise eight degrees by 2100.

Yet in the late 1990s, the region was actually one or two degrees below the long-term temperature average and had been cooling for decades while levels of greenhouse gases soared.

"The climate models are only useful if the science is correct, and so far they have simply not been validated. They predict far more temperature increase in the lower atmosphere than satellites are measuring." the quasi-religious war over climate change, assaults begin with disparaging an adversary's professional training, followed by belittling the research record and finally questioning that person's competence.

...But the gravest sin in his eyes is what he believes to be the deliberate exaggeration of hypothetical climate change by those who direct the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The IPCC is the U.N.-convened conclave of scientists that earlier this year issued three reports widely heralded in news accounts as the equivalent of papal decrees.

``It's misleading to say there are going to be more droughts, more floods, more hurricanes. That's no more true than saying there are going to be fewer droughts, fewer floods, fewer hurricanes,'' says de Freitas.