Saturday, September 06, 2008

The sands of peace (Financial Post)

Russia’s energy supplies enabled their aggression, Canada’s supply could be the placating alternative

"When it comes to action over Georgia, Russia has the European Union over a barrel. In fact, 1.2 million barrels. That’s how much Russian crude is pumped westward every day down the Druzhba pipeline to fuel Europe’s economies.”

So began an article in The International Herald Tribune, one of many last week explaining why Europe — and the west — has little choice but to sacrifice parts of Georgia, and maybe a lot more, to Russia’s ambitions.

Alberta’s oil sands represent one of the planet’s largest reservoirs of energy — some 2.5 trillion barrels of crude bitumen from which 300 billion barrels are estimated to be available, an amount that rivals the reserves of Saudi Arabia. They need to be developed properly: cleanly, to protect the environment, and quickly, to promote peace and stability.

If the West doesn't develop its energy supplies such as the oil sands, off shore oil and natural gas, ANWR, the huge Bakken oil formation, and nuclear power, we will be beholden to agressive authoritarian nations such as Russia and Venezuela for our energy supplies. Pie-in-the-sky wishes for alternative energy sources that are forever "only twenty years away if we only put our minds to it" will not solve our energy needs. I wish there was free unlimited energy for everyone without emissions or potentially dangerous fuels, but that isn't reality. We have to work with what we have or go on bended knee to our belicose rivals and beg for energy.

Never mind, go back to what you were doing.