Sunday, January 04, 2009

What if it's true?

Here's a common "argument" from the human-caused-global-warming crowd: "Yeah, but what if it's true?" In other words, shouldn't we try to do something about man-made-global-warming even if all the facts say that we didn't cause it and we can't impact global warming appreciably by reducing greenhouse gases?

This is not a rational argument but rather a scare tactic. "Fixing" global warming would be monstrously expensive. We have to have good evidence that it's true before we even begin to decide which of many expensive options to pursue. If it isn't true, why bankrupt ourselves for nothing?

If you buy this argument, I have a lucky rabbit's foot that has protected me from rogue elephant attacks for years - I'll sell it to you cheap: only $500,000.

Here's a better argument: I *know* (notice the lack of uncertainty) that the draconian greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction laws necessary to reduce the U.S.'s GHG emissions to levels that the GW modelers say might actually have an impact on GW would have a *severe* impact on the U.S. economy. We're already in a recession that many say is the worst since the Great Depression of the 30's. Note: hard economic times hurt the poor far more severely than the rich. I thought "progressive" types were "for the poor!" Oh, wait, they're for Unions and Big Gov't because They Know Best, which is somehow supposed to produce a magical world where there are no poor people because they care more. Sorry, forgot.

How 'bout this argument: Let's just say man-made-global-warming is true. So why not support the best possible long term solution to cut our GHG emissions that also happens to be the best answer for our country's ever-rising energy costs and our need for energy security: nuclear power? I know it galls you lefty-types to admit you've been making GW worse for decades by opposing nuclear power plants (hint: instead of nuclear power plants, utilities built lots and lots of coal-burning power plants instead because those darn pesky poor people refuse to live in cold houses), but try to get over it and do the right thing.

That's okay - we'll try not to hold it against you. Just don't blow it this time! (Although I can't say I still won't blame all y'all for the millions of preventable malaria deaths in Africa and South America due to the banning of DDT; but that's just a little personal issue I have with supercilious eco-imperialists that I guess I'll just have to try and get over...).